From Gardeners to Farmers

We started out as a normal family growing fruits and vegetable for ourselves. Then our family and friends wanted what we grew. Now, we provide fruit trees and vegetable plants to everyone that wants to have an organic garden like ours. Thanks to our good friend, we are able to provide pure raw local honey from Conroe, TX to anyone that wants organic honey. We are truly grateful for all the support and love we have received from so many kind friends we have met. We are a family of 4. My dad has a very good hand for planting while my mom keeps us well fed. My wife is a third generation farmer from Vietnam, I got lucky! As for me, I am just the helper. :)

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S K AZN Farmers


Every year our family grow okra, bitter melon, cucumber, long bean, Chinese winter melon, many variety of chili peppers and other by seeds being drop on the ground. Our specialty is bitter melon and purple okra. Our gardens has tangerine, meyor lemon, Texas orange, ruby red grapefruit, guava and papaya. We have our specialty such as Vietnamese cherry, sugar apple, Bưởi Năm Roi (asian grapefruit), Cóc fruit tree, sour kumquat and sweet kumquat. Many ingredients are found in our backyard include but not limited to lemon grass, mints, Ngo Gai, Càng Cua, kieffer lemon, panda leaves (Lá Dứa),  Rau Om, white and purple egg plant, and so many more. We grow our fruits and vegetables the organic way and strive to make them taste great.



This is the original garden we started with our current house. This is "dad's garden". He has a very green thumb and has grown many wonderful fruit trees in his lifetime. His vegetables are healthy and delicious! Here are two of dad's best friend, Happy and Lucky! He now has Mini also.

Old Garden

This is the Dragon Fruit we grew at our previous home. You can see the bulb before the flower open up, the flower and the fruit all in one piture.